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On the picturesque hills of Hungary, amidst the rolling valleys and ancient castles, lived two majestic Komondor pups named Lili and Molly. Their white coats shone like clouds against the azure sky, and their watchful eyes held a wisdom beyond their years. These two gentle giants pups roamed the vast countryside, their presence a comforting beacon of loyalty and protection.

One fateful day, a kind-hearted soul named Ugo discovered Lili and Molly. Struck by their grace and the deep bond between them, Ugo knew that these magnificent creatures deserved a life filled with love, care, and adventure in the UK.

Thus, Drive My Dog was born - a canine transportation service like no other, dedicated to providing safe and seamless journeys for pets across the UK and Europe. With a fleet of specially equipped vehicles and a team of compassionate drivers, Drive My Dog ensures that beloved companions like Lili and Molly can travel in comfort and style to reunite with their families near and far.

Driven by a passion for animals and a commitment to excellence, Ugo and the team at Drive My Dog strive to make every journey a memorable and stress-free experience for both pets and their owners. Because at Drive My Dog, we believe that every wag of a tail, every snuggle in the backseat, and every reunion at the end of the road is a testament to the unbreakable bond between humans and their beloved four-legged friends.

Our Fleet

Typical Vehicle Sizes


Standard Estate



 4 x 4 typical


Large Van service

Typically allows more space for pets internally.



Our very important Pet Service.




VIP Limo

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