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Our Transport Vehicles

  • Use Our Pet Transport Vehicles: pet friendly vehicles equipped for the ultimate pet travel experience.


We Drive your Car & Dog

  • Drive Clients' Dog in Clients' Car: For those who prefer their pet to travel in familiar surroundings.


Channel Crossing

Le Shuttle Crossing Service: For people travelling on foot with their dogs, we offer Le Shuttle crossing service from Folkestone to Calais and back. 


Use Our Pet Transport Vehicles: For the ultimate in pet travel, our specialized pet transport vehicles are the perfect choice. Designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind, these vehicles include climate control, comfortable seating, and are cleaned regularly.

Key Features:

  • Climate-controlled environment

  • Regularly sanitized interiors

  • Comfortable and secure crates


Drive Clients' Dog in Clients' Car: Does your dog feel most comfortable in your car? We understand, which is why we offer the option of driving your dog in your own vehicle. Our experienced drivers will arrive at your location and ensure a safe and smooth ride for your pet.

  • Key Features:

  • Personalized service

  • Familiar environment for your dog

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Your Dog & Car Transported 

  • £250 per day plus expenses (flights, hotel and comprehensive insurance per day)


Le Shuttle Crossing Service: Traveling across the channel has never been easier for you and your pet. Is your dog stuck at Calais or Folkestone?  Do you need help crossing the border? Are you travelling by train to France with your dog?

Trains for France

Drop off/Pick-up Frethun or  Gare du Nord.  

Trains for UK

Drop off/Pick-up: Ashford International

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GeoTrack Service: With our advanced GeoTrack service, you can track your pet's journey in real-time. From pick-up to drop-off, you can stay updated on their location, ensuring peace of mind throughout the trip.



Our pet transportation services are priced competitively.

Long Distance

You can obtain an instant quote using our online sign-up and log in

Flat Rates

No Hidden Fees

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