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"Drive My Dog" - Your Trusted Luxury Canine Transportation Solution!


At Drive My Dog, we understand the importance of giving pet owners a safe, stress-free, and hassle-free transportation experience for their beloved pets. Our service includes sending a driver to drive your dog in your car, or you can choose to use one of our own. Our drivers have years of experience in pet transportation and are well-trained to ensure your pet gets to their destination in comfort and safety. We provide a personalized service and will work with you to make sure your pet’s journey is as stress-free as possible.


Check out the services we provide

Two Services 


We offer two lines of services - driving clients’ pet in their own car and driving pet in our own pet vehihcles.


Use our pet taxi

We also have comfortable, pet-friendly vehicles specifically designed for safe pet transport with crash tested professional cages to keep your pets comfortable and safe.

We can drive your car

If you prefer your pet to travel in your own vehicle, we have a team of experienced and skilled drivers/pet handlers who can drive safely and comfortably with your pet in the back seat of your own car. Full comprehensive insurance is arranged before hand along with geo-tracking and dash cam.


VIP Service


We offer a fully luxurious option to pet transport across the UK and Europe including pet hotel stops, ensuring that your pets arrive safely and comfortably at their destination. 

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Our mission


Safe transport 


Happy dogs 🐶 


Happy owners

- James, Surrey.

“"I had to move to France from the UK for work and couldn't leave my dog behind. Drive My Dog provided an excellent service, taking my furry companion from London to Bordeaux. The process was seamless and the team provided all the necessary information for the international transport of pets. My dog was comfortably and safely transported by an experienced handler and arrived happy at his new home. I would highly recommend Drive My Dog to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable pet transport service." - James, London."
  • How do I schedule a pet transportation service?
    You can easily schedule a pet transportation service by filling out our online form, where you can provide the necessary details and choose your preferred transportation option.
  • How do you ensure the safety and comfort of my pet during transportation?
    Our team takes extra care to ensure the safety and comfort of all pets who travel with us. We use only pet-friendly vehicles, keep pets secured, and provide regular updates during the journey to keep you informed.
  • Are your pet transportation services available internationally?
    Yes, we offer international pet transportation services, with a range of customizable options depending on your travel itinerary.
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